Ex-White House staffer says GOP will turn its back on Trump

Former acting chief of staff of the White House staff Mick Mulvaney believes that the current state head will inevitably be “ostracized.”

The leadership of the Republican Party of the United States in the light of the unrest in Washington will turn away from the current US President Donald Trump after the end of his term. This opinion was expressed on Sunday on NBC by former acting chief of staff of the White House staff Mick Mulvaney.

The host asked if he thought the GOP leadership should “ostracize Trump.” “I think it’s inevitable that this will happen,” said Mulvaney, who resigned from his post as U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland in light of the unrest in Washington on Wednesday. Previously, he was also the director of the White House Office of Administration and Budget.

According to Mulvaney, in the current situation, “anyone who has anything to do with what happened on Wednesday does not deserve to be in the leadership of the party.” At the same time, he stressed that the current president had lost a significant share of his supporters in the light of recent events. “They love Trump, they like his policies, they are happy with the successes achieved in the first four years, but on Wednesday, he lost them. And I think this is natural, “Mulvaney stated.

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