Ex-Trump aide returns to the law firm he founded

According to Politico’s sources, Robert O’Brien will be engaged in international arbitration practice there.

A former national security aide to former US President Donald Trump, Robert O’Brien, has returned to work at the law firm Larson LLP in Los Angeles, of which he is a co-founder. This was reported on Saturday by the newspaper Politico, citing a source.

O’Brien organized the case in 2016 with former federal judge Stephen Larson. The former Trump administration official will work as an adviser to the firm on international arbitration practices.

O’Brien came to the post of Assistant to the President for National Security after the resignation of his predecessor John Bolton in September 2019; before that, he oversaw the release of hostages at the State Department.

As noted by Politico, O’Brien has previously told friends and colleagues that he is interested in participating in the 2024 Republican presidential campaign if Trump does not run. However, analysts of the Republican Party considered such ambitions far-fetched.

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