Ex-Miss Virginia “resurrected” after death from COVID-19

The winner of Miss Virginia 1958 miraculously “resurrected” after relatives have already received news of her death, reports the New York Post with reference to local media.

According to the publication, 82-year-old Barbara Guthrie Lay was diagnosed with coronavirus, and on December 20, she was hospitalized due to breathing problems. Two days later, relatives received news of her death, and the first was her son Tom Kelly, who is a doctor himself.

In turn, Kelly told the sad news to Barbara’s husband, Tony Lay, after which he began “in tears” to contact other relatives. However, a few minutes later, Kelly received a call from the hospital saying that Barbara had a pulse again.

“From an unhappy person with a broken heart, I turned into a very happy one,” said Barbara’s husband.

According to the son of the “resurrected” woman, to describe what happened, “there is only one word – a miracle.” The patient has already been transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular ward; she herself does not yet know about the incident, the newspaper notes.

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