Ex-head of the secret program of the Pentagon said about the alien attack on US nuclear facilities

According to Luis Elizondo, the aliens also interfered in the affairs of other countries. At the same time, he stressed that “unknown air phenomena” are not the development of Russia, China, or the United States.

The aliens had a direct impact on the nuclear installations of the United States and other countries. This was announced by the former director of the Pentagon’s classified program for collecting and analyzing data on anomalous aerospace threats, Luis Elizondo.

“In our country, there have already been cases when these UFOs interfered and actually “turned off” our nuclear potential. < … > But in the same context, we have evidence that in other countries they interfered with their nuclear technologies and actually turned them on, put them into operation, ” the expert said in an interview with The Washington Post.

He also commented on the US intelligence report, which is expected to be presented to the US Congress on June 25. According to the expert, this report says that “unknown air phenomena” are not the development of Russia, China, or the United States. In addition, the report will also talk about the existence of about a hundred cases of UFO sightings that are sufficiently convincing to begin to carefully study them. Earlier, former US President Barack Obama said that the secret archives of the US Department of Defense contain images of flying saucers, the trajectory of which cannot be explained. The origin of these flying objects is also not established. And the former head of US National Intelligence admitted that the country does not have such technologies that American aircraft can fly in the same way as the UFOs captured by the pilots.

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