Ex-head of MI6 explained the lack of evidence of a “laboratory leak” of COVID-19

The former head of British intelligence MI6 Richard Dearlove explained the lack of evidence of a “laboratory leak” of the coronavirus. His words are quoted by The Independent.

He believes that all the evidence supporting the laboratory origin of COVID-19 was probably destroyed by officials. Therefore, it will now be difficult to prove that the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducted any experiments that could create a new virus. “We don’t know what happened, but a lot of the data was probably destroyed or deliberately hidden,” Dearlove said.

The former head of British intelligence also suggested that Chinese scientists who could clarify the situation were “silenced”. According to him, the PRC is dominated by a rather intimidating regime that takes unacceptable measures in an attempt to silence the opposition. Dearlove added that representatives of China allegedly penetrated scientific institutions and journals of different states and prevent the disclosure of the truth.

That is why, he believes, there is a situation in which the scientific community for some reason abruptly stopped the debate. He also added that Beijing was “relieved” from the very beginning about the origin of the virus because of the skeptical attitude of people to the words of former US President Donald Trump and his administration, which tried to investigate.

Earlier, the US said that there is “serious indirect evidence” that the first outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus occurred as a result of a leak from a Chinese research laboratory. China has repeatedly denied that the virus escaped from one of its laboratories. In addition, experts pointed to evidence of the occurrence of coronavirus in Italy a few months before the first case in China. At the end of March, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report on the results of a trip to Wuhan, China, to find out the origin of the coronavirus. The report says the pandemic is most likely not the result of a leak from the lab. After President Joe Biden ordered an intelligence check on where the virus originated, China slandered reports of a “laboratory leak” of the coronavirus.

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