Ex-CIA director called the consequences of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

The former head of the CIA and former commander of the international contingent in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, said that after the withdrawal of US troops from the republic, a civil war could begin in the country.

“In the worst case, we can see a bloody and brutal civil war, similar to the one that was in the 1990s, when the Taliban won, “the military commander said.

He did not rule out the return of the Al-Qaeda stronghold on the territory of the republic.

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan may indicate that the United States is abandoning the values for which it fought, namely, democracy, respect for human rights, the rights to education, freedom of speech, and the press. These conditions are much better than if the Taliban “restored the medieval Islamist regime,” Petraeus said.

He also raised the problem of refugees who will start moving to other countries if the Taliban seize power in the country.

“If we had shown the determination and will to stay, we would have had a much stronger position in negotiations with the Taliban. But if we tell the enemy that we are going to leave, why should they refuse anything?”  Petraeus asked.

He also added that he does not understand the refusal to deploy 3.5 thousand military personnel in the republic.

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