Ex-assistant of Soulja Boy accused him of violence and death threats

The former assistant of the American rapper Soulja Boy (real name – DeAndre Way) sued him. Pitchfork reports this.

The woman, who did not disclose her name, accused the musician of violence and death threats. She revealed that she began collaborating with a hip-hop artist in 2018. The lawsuit alleges that she was promised to be paid $ 500 a week, but she never received the money, despite working 20 hours a day. Soon after the start of work, the artist began to send subordinate photographs of erotic content, after which a romantic relationship began between them.

The alleged victim of Soulja Boy said that in 2019 he began to resort to physical and emotional abuse. After one of the quarrels, the artist allegedly locked her in a room for three days and raped her several times. After this conflict, he said: “I should have killed you.”

According to the assistant, after one of the attacks in 2020, she lost consciousness and woke up on the lawn near the artist’s house. She escaped, but later returned for her things, but Soulja Boy refused to give them away.

The rapper’s spokesman denies all charges. He claims that his client would never have raised a hand against a woman.

In 2019, it was reported that DeAndre Way was suspected of kidnapping. His friend Kayla said that the musician took her to the garage, tied her to a chair with an electric cord, and released her only six hours later.

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