Every fifth inhabitant of Stockholm found antibodies to COVID-19

Every fifth inhabitant of Stockholm found antibodies to COVID-19. This means that 20% of city residents have already had a new type of coronavirus, according to a study by the Swedish Public Health Agency, which leads to Medicalxpress.

Sweden, unlike other European countries, in the fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic has chosen a strategy for generating population immunity. In other words, epidemiology defended refusal to impose strict quarantine and hoped that the country’s inhabitants would develop mass immunity to COVID-19 by overcoming them.

It is difficult to say how effective this strategy turned out, but according to data on May 21, the country is 24th in the world in terms of the number of cases: a total of 31.5 thousand cases of infection and 3.8 thousand deaths were recorded in the country. For comparison, Great Britain, which initially followed the same strategy, but then abandoned it, is in fourth place with 249.6 thousand cases.

According to a recent study by the Swedish Public Health Agency, which covered approximately 7.3% of the Stockholm population, every fifth resident of the capital got a new type of coronavirus – that is, antibodies to the virus were found in his body.

According to a representative of the agency, the study reflects the situation at the beginning of April, since the body needs several weeks to develop antibodies to the infection.

The study means that only in the capital, COVID-19, approximately 194 thousand people were ill – this is more than six times the officially recorded number of cases throughout the country. The agency notes that the number of infected in Stockholm is more than a third of the total number across the country.

The work also showed that the prevalence rate of the disease was higher among people aged 20-64 years, of which antibodies were found in 6.7%, compared with 2.7% among people aged 65 and over.

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