Evander Holyfield spoke about negotiations with Mike Tyson about a new fight

Former boxer and world champion Evander Holyfield said his representatives are again negotiating a new fight with fellow former champion Mike Tyson. Reported by The Sun.

The 58-year-old veteran confirmed the negotiations and stressed that he was waiting for a final decision. He added that he is training hard and preparing for a possible fight with a former opponent.

In November, Tyson returned to the ring. His fight with another ex-world boxing champion Roy Jones ended in an unofficial draw. At the same time, both boxers refused to accept the results of the fight.

In 1997, Tyson bit off part of his opponent’s ear during a rematch against Holyfield. The fight was stopped, and the American heavyweight was disqualified and fined three million dollars. Holyfield has two victories over Tyson.

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