Eurovision organizers named four scenarios for the contest

The organizers of the Eurovision international music contest have prepared four possible ways to hold it in Rotterdam in 2021, according to the official website of the show.

The Eurovision song contest was supposed to be held from 12 to 16 of May this year in Rotterdam, but due to the difficult epidemiological situation worldwide, the event was canceled. The organizers decided to hold a music show instead of a full-fledged competition, which was devoid of a competitive component and became a kind of celebration of songs supposed to represent their countries at the competition. The final show in 2021 is scheduled for May 22.

The organizers have developed four possible scenarios for the contest. The first of them provides for the usual format with delegations and artists from all participating countries. However, the implementation of this scenario depends on the availability of a possible coronavirus vaccine, testing, and the overall epidemiological situation in the world.

The second option involves holding shows with disabilities and observing social distancing. In this scenario, the teams of each participating country will travel with a limited number of people in the delegations and representatives of the press. “Since there will be less room for the audience in this scenario, it will be necessary to create a new seating scheme for the audience. If this happens, a draw will be held to decide who can attend each show. Anyone who loses in the draw, of course, will be refunded the full amount of the ticket purchase,” the message reads.

The third option is “Eurovision” with travel restrictions. So, the organizers provided that some countries will not come to Rotterdam because their participants will perform from their own countries. Artists who will be able to take part in the competition will perform with live performances.

The organizers consider the fourth option as holding Eurovision in isolation-participants will perform from their own countries.
The final choice between scenarios will be made in the first months of 2021, based on the epidemiological situation in the world.

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