European Film Academy named the best film of the year

The film “Another round” by Danish director Thomas Winterberg with Mads Mikkelsen in the title role won the main European Film Academy award as “best film” of the year, according to the academy’s website.

The European Film Academy Award has existed since 1988, according to the intention of the creators, it is opposed to the American Oscar. The winner is awarded a bronze statuette “Felix”.

The film “Another round” also won Mikkelsen’s Best Actor and Winterberg awards. Winterberg shared the Best Screenplay award with Tobias Lindholm, co-author of the film.

“I want to say that the European Film Academy is something special. None of my films would have been created without the support systems of my country and the European Film Academy in general. My first film was about child abuse, the second was about the same, and now we made a film about four heterosexual white men teaching children to drink. That would not be possible outside this continent, “- said Winterberg after the victory.

“There is only one reason why this film was created and completed – one shining ray that is no longer with us. But its light is in every frame of this film. Thomas and I dedicate this award to Ida Winterberg,” Mikkelsen said.

Winterberg’s daughter died in an accident at the age of 19. “Another round” was to be her acting debut and was filmed at her school with the participation of her friends.

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