European airline issued travel tickets for the plane

Travel tickets now function in the sky as well. Austrian Airlines launched them. Tickets are distributed on flights in Europe. The portal Avianews reported this.

The annual pass will allow you to make 10 flights at a fixed price. The list of destinations includes about 60 European cities.

Travelers will be offered two types of travel. One of them is a City Pass for 449 euros (45 euros per flight). Thanks to it, it will be possible to fly from Vienna to one of the cities chosen by the tourist. The second option is Europe Pass for 799 euros (80 euros per flight). It gives access to flights to all cities from the list.

Both travels include flights in Economy Light fare. The passenger has the right to take with him only hand Luggage.

If the customer has booked a ticket because of the travel quota, he will not be able to change the date or return the ticket.

The new service is designed exclusively for residents of Vienna. The fact that the flights should be carried out from the capital of Austria.

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