EU diplomatic chief denounces Iran’s threats against Israel

European Union high representative for foreign and security policy Josep Borrel condemned on Thursday threats against Israel by Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Earlier, Khamenei said on Twitter that he was ready to support any force willing to fight Israel.

“I strongly condemn the call of the Supreme Leader of Iran to fight against Israel. This is a threat to international peace and security,” Barrel wrote on Twitter. According to him, the security of Israel is of paramount importance.

On May 18, the Iranian Parliament passed a law on countering Israel. The deputies, according to the Iranian media, ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a virtual Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Also, the Iranian Foreign Ministry is required to organize a “referendum” in Palestine (Iran believes that it will help solve the problem of the region).

Also, the provisions of the approved law imply a ban on the movement of Israeli goods through the territory of Iran, as well as a ban on the participation of companies associated with Israel in exhibitions. The parliamentarians obliged the government to assist other States and peoples in the “liberation” of Jerusalem.

The head of the Palestinian national authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Tuesday that he refused to comply with agreements with Israel and the United States, amid the Israeli government’s intentions to Annex Palestinian lands with the active support of Washington.

The Palestinians, as part of the peace settlement process with Israel, which is currently suspended, demand that the future borders between the two sovereign states follow the lines that existed before the six-day war in 1967, with a possible exchange of territories. They hope to establish a country in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, and they want to make East Jerusalem their capital. Israel refuses to return to the 1967 borders and considers Jerusalem its undivided capital.

The European Union on Monday called on Israel to refrain from annexing the Palestinian territories. According to Borrel, the EU will not recognize any changes to the borders that existed before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war unless both the Israelis and the Palestinians agree with them.