EU concerned about Iran’s growing uranium enrichment

The European Union expressed concern about Iran’s achievement of the mark of 20% in terms of uranium enrichment.

“The EU notes with deep concern the measures taken by Iran to enrich uranium at the level of 20%. This step means a rollback from the implementation of Iran’s obligations under the JCPOA, which will have serious consequences for non-proliferation,” the European Commission said.

Earlier, Iran said that uranium enrichment in the country is at the level of 20% at the nuclear facility in Fordo. Before that, Tehran ratified the law “Strategic Measure to lift sanctions,” which involves uranium production with an enrichment level of 20% or higher. Such a move was a response to the murder of a nuclear physicist. At the same time, according to the nuclear deal, Iran must enrich uranium at the level of 3.67 percent.

The EU said it had taken note of Iran’s statements and was awaiting specific information from the IAEA to further the Iran nuclear deal.

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