Eric Trump: the topic of coronavirus will disappear in the US after the election

The son of the current US Republican President, Eric Trump, said that the Democrats are using the situation with coronavirus for political purposes, and this topic will disappear from the current plan after the November presidential elections.

According to Trump Jr., his father’s main rival – Democrat Joe Biden – “loves” the coronavirus pandemic, because it allows him to avoid traveling around the country as part of the election campaign.

“Biden can’t go on stage without having not to blurt out something terrible… They think that they are taking away the most powerful tool of Donald Trump, who can gather 50,000 people in the arena at any moment. Joe Biden is not able to get ten people in a room,” Eric Trump said on Fox News.

“You will see, they will exploit the situation every day until November 3. And after that, the virus will magically suddenly disappear,” added the President’s son.

According to USA Today, representatives of Biden’s staff have already responded to the criticism. Company spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield recalled the statistics of victims of coronavirus in the US, saying that Trump Jr.’s words about the coronavirus as a “political hoax” are “staggeringly reckless.”

The mutual criticism of the Democrats and Trump is taking place against the backdrop of the ongoing election campaign, which is severely limited due to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, pre-election rallies have been canceled in the country. The US presidential election will be held on November 3, and Trump plans to run for a second four-year term. His Democratic opponent will almost certainly be former Vice President Joe Biden.