Erdogan rejected the US demand to stop the military operation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday rejected the US demand to stop the military operation, saying that Turkey “will never” declare a ceasefire and will not “negotiate with terrorists.” Free News reported, citing Turkish media.

Erdogan, according to Die Welt, also criticized German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who, according to him, “understands nothing about politics.” Germany will “lose,” and Turkey will “win” this conflict, the Turkish President stressed.

Maas said that Germany in protest against the military operation of Turkey stops issuing permits for the supply of weapons to Turkey. “The key role is played by the fact that we do not support this military invasion through new arms supplies. This is something that acts directly,” he said on Monday.
On Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the energy of Turkey entered the US sanctions list created in connection with the military operation that Ankara launched in Syria. Also, as an emergency measure, the United States, according to President Donald Trump, will increase to 50 percent the duty on Turkish steel, as well as refuse to negotiate further a trade deal with Ankara “in the amount of one hundred billion dollars.”