Epic Games Store will remove private messages, but add group chats

As the gaming industry’s premier health care provider, Epic Games doesn’t care about making money, but only cares about the convenience of the players. Therefore, in the next update, the Epic Games Store will not add a “Cart”, but a group system.

With the new update, it will be easier to communicate with EGS users. Players will be able to create groups with voice and text chat, which will always be active, even if the “host” is offline. Epic Games will also add an “Active Group Window” where users can invite each other to play, “share highlights,” and just chat.

Also, through the new group window, players will be able to adjust its display in the game. It will be possible to switch in such a way that only group members and their status are displayed.

What will be added in March

  • Player cards – if you click on a friend on the communication panel, his card will appear, through which you can manage friendship and view mutual friends.
  • Improved search – Search results will now show the number of mutual friends and the ability to search on other platforms.
  • Collapsed view – a more compact panel for communicating with the notification marker.
  • Do Not Disturb is a button that turns off notifications about invitations or requests.
  • Private messages will be temporarily removed, but will probably be returned later, adapting for communication with friends.

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