Epic Games Launches Fortnite Season 5 With The Mandalorian

Fortnite has kicked off its fifth season of Chapter 2, which continues to develop the universe’s history.

Season 5 “Epicenter”

The epicenter is open, and Agent Jones summons the best mercenaries from different worlds to the island, who will fight for the island’s future. Among the heroes were a pancake cowboy, a Valkyrie, a gladiator, and a Mandalorian, who did not forget to bring “baby Yoda” with him (somehow irresponsible).

Along with the characters, new locations will appear on the island, including the gladiatorial arena, jungle, and quicksand crystalline sands.

Since the new season was dedicated to mercenaries, it’s a sin not to add contracts. The island inhabitants have prepared tasks for players for the completion of which they rely on gold bars. The jewel can also be obtained for killing other players or found in chests on the island. Earned ingots can be spent on new exotic weapons, upgrades, information, and more.

“New weapons will open up new combat techniques for you. Turn up the heat with the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, use the Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle as a melee and ranged weapon, hunt down opponents with Nighthawk, and more, ”writes Epic Games.

With the new season, Epic Games is also launching a Battle Pass that will give players the ability to unlock The Mandalorian and other mercenaries’ appearance. Fortnite Season 5 has kicked off and will run until March 15th.

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