Engineers from the United States have completed the assembly of the largest magnet of the ITER thermonuclear reactor

The central ITER solenoid will be used in the prototype of a thermonuclear power plant.

Specialists of General Atomics have completed the assembly of the central solenoid-a powerful magnet, one of the main components of the international thermonuclear reactor ITER, whose construction was officially launched in France last year. This was announced on Tuesday by the press service of the ITER project.

“The preparation and dispatch of the first ITER central solenoid module will be one of the most important steps towards controlled fusion. In addition, its assembly once again confirmed that scientists and engineers from the United States can create very large and powerful superconducting magnets,” said Michael Mauel, a professor at Columbia University in New York (USA), whose words are quoted by the ITER press service.

The ITER central solenoid is the largest magnet to be used in a prototype thermonuclear power plant. It consists of six modules, whose combined weight is about a thousand tons, and height and width-18 and 4.2 meters.

The device will be used within the framework of ITER to stabilize the plasma cord that occurs during the operation of the plant, as well as to control the process of thermonuclear fusion. According to current estimates of American engineers, the magnet they created is capable of generating fields with a power of 13 tesla, which is about 300 thousand times greater than the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.

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