Employees of the US administration establish a connection with the team of Biden

Several former and current US President Donald Trump administration employees began to establish contacts with members of the transition team of Joe Biden, who announced his victory in the election, CNN reports, citing sources familiar with the situation.

One former Trump administration official told the TV station that establishing contacts is seen as “putting a duty on the country.” According to sources, these conversations are not very detailed, but they can help the Biden transition team understand what problems they may face when they take office.

Another former White House official who left the administration a few months ago noted that he sent a letter to someone who he expects will perform approximately the same functions in the Biden administration as he did and offered to help.

A current Trump administration official told the channel that there are informal contacts with Biden’s team.

“Nothing that would cause us problems. Just an offer of help. They know what we mean and what we can and can’t do or say,” he added.

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