Employees of Disneyland in the United States protest against the imminent opening of the Park

Employees of the Disneyland Park in the US state of California staged a protest against plans to open soon amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that the Disneyland Park and the Disney adventure Park in California are planning to open on July 17. However, this week the opening of the theme Park was postponed indefinitely due to the late publication of recommendations for work by the authorities. The company did not provide a new opening date.

More than a hundred decorated cars drove around the empty Disneyland complex. Park employees in their cars were constantly honking their horns, expressing dissatisfaction, and calling for security and changes to plans to open the complex. It is noted that the event was organized by a trade union that represents about 17 thousand employees of Disneyland.

It is reported that the Park’s management expressed regret over the protest, saying that the action is taking place at a time when they are trying to take all necessary measures and return people to work.

Disneyland Park was closed in mid-March due to a coronavirus. In 2019, Disneyland in California was visited by 18.7 million people — it is the second most visited amusement Park in the world and the United States.