Empire State Building turns 90

This year’s festivities will be modest due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

The Empire State Building in New York is 90 years old. Its top is highlighted with a white light in honor of this.

The skyscraper, which takes its name from the unofficial name of the state of New York, was commissioned at the height of the Great Depression on May 1, 1931, and became the tallest building in the city for almost four decades; in the world it held this record for 23 years. At the same time, the speed of construction of the 102-story skyscraper also became a record and took 3,439 people who participated in the construction of the building, one year and 45 days. The opening ceremony of the building was held by the then-President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, who was entrusted with turning on the lighting in the Empire State Building for the first time. The same event was attended by New York State Governor Franklin Roosevelt, who in 1933 became the next head of state.

The building was the location of the final scene of the film King Kong (1933). Due to the economic crisis, the offices inside the skyscraper, which can accommodate about 15 thousand people, were filled only after 10 years. In the early years, residents came up with an alternative name for the skyscraper – Empty State Building. The building began to make a profit only after 20 years.

The skyscraper was constantly updated initially. The spire of the building was supposed to serve as a mooring mast for airships, but this idea was later abandoned, recognizing it as too dangerous. In 1952, telecommunications equipment was installed on top of the building. In 1964, the upper floors of the building acquired their own unique lighting, the color of which changes in honor of significant events. Despite the introduction of new technologies for the work of modern companies, the appearance and entrance groups, designed in the Art Deco style, remain unchanged. All the signs with the names of institutions and companies located on the first floor are made in metal and in one font, which was popular in the 30s of the XX century. This year’s festivities will be modest due to restrictions due to the pandemic-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will turn on the building’s lights during a small ceremony. In addition, the owners of the building prepared a small video, during which model Heidi Klum, figure skater Adam Rippon, and TV host Andy Cohen congratulated the skyscraper on its birthday.

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