Emma Stone spoke about meeting with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Emma Stone became a guest of The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon. During the conversation with the host, the actress recalled the 2011 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, which she attended with her mother. Then the actress was only 22 years old, and this was her first Golden Globe.

“I was very, very worried, so I decided to take her with me,” said Emma.

To the surprise of the actress, she and her mother got seats next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. “We were sitting next to them! Of all the seats in this room, we got those seats, wow, ” Stone shared.

Neither Emma nor her mother managed to remain calm at the same time. Especially mom: she asked Jolie, known for her large family if she has children.

“Usually, mom doesn’t drink alcohol at all. And that night I decided to drink some champagne. And it wasn’t a good idea. But she had a great time. She began to communicate with Angelina. “Do you have children?” She asked her. I thought: “Are you out of your mind?” Mom understood everything, but she wanted to start a conversation with Jolie. Then she continued: “What are their names? And how old are they? “Of course, she already knew all this. But Brad and Angelina were really nice to us. We had a lot of fun then, it was a good evening, ”said the actress.

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