Emma Stone is pregnant with her first child

The actress was seen in loose clothes, and her stomach seemed noticeably grown.

Emma Stone is in no hurry to share the details of her personal life, so fans of the actress can only watch and guess. Recently, there was a rumor that 31-year-old Emma was pregnant. She was seen walking in Los Angeles in a baggy jumpsuit and with a seemingly rounded belly. Later, this assumption was supported by designer Tova Malibu, who wrote on her Instagram that she saw the actress at her house and “her belly was noticeably rounded”.

In addition, it is rumored that Stone secretly married her boyfriend Dave McCarey, the director of Saturday Night Live. The couple announced their engagement last December after two years of relationship and wanted to get married in March, but rescheduled the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Emma’s fans suspect that she and her lover did get married. In May, Emma appeared on The Reese Witherspoon Show and was spotted with a new ring on her arm that was different from her engagement ring. And recently, the public drew attention to the fact that Dave also had a ring on his ring finger.

Fans and journalists have already drawn their conclusions, it remains to wait for messages from Emma and Dave themselves.