Emma Roberts became a mother for the first time

The 29-year-old actress and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund accept congratulations! Insiders in the foreign press reported that last weekend in Los Angeles, Emma Roberts gave birth to a son, who was given the name Rhodes until the couple confirmed the family’s addition.

The pregnancy of the American Horror Story star became known in July. A few months later, Emma showed a rounded belly on Instagram and revealed the baby’s gender. The actress’s romance and her 36-year-old chosen one, who also acts in films, was talked about in March 2019. Before that, Julia Roberts’s niece was engaged to Evan Peters.

In a fresh interview with Cosmopolitan, Emma admitted that health problems did not affect her fertility and, on the advice of a doctor, she even froze her eggs.

“It sounds silly, but as soon as I stopped thinking about it, I got pregnant. But even then, I did not want to hope – the actress shared. – Things can go wrong when you are in position. They don’t talk about it on Instagram. Therefore, I kept everything secret and did not make grandiose plans. This pregnancy made me realize that the only plan there could be is no plan. “

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