Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund captured on shopping

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund kicked off this week with a shopping trip. On Monday, the paparazzi captured the couple at a grocery store in Beverly Hills. Both were wearing protective masks. Emma wore sunglasses for additional disguise.

Garrett and Emma have been together since spring 2019. Before that, they were friends for a long time but became closer after Emma broke up with Evan Peters, with whom she had been in a relationship for 10 years.

At the end of December, the couple had their first-born son, Rhodes. In a recent interview with ET Magazine, Garrett spoke a little about his new status. According to Hedlund, he and Emma are “fantastically” adapting to life as parents. “Every day is a gift from God. Our son is an angel. I call this period sweet delirium. Everyone says: “Appreciate it, absorb it, it passes so quickly. So I follow the advice and try to immerse myself in what is happening now completely. This is extraordinary. I walk all day with a smile from ear to ear, ” the actor shared.

After her son’s birth, which happened two days after Christmas, Emma shared with the subscribers the first photo of the baby and wrote: “Thank you, 2020, for doing at least one thing right. Our Ray of Light Rhodes Robert Hedlund. “

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