Emily Ratajkowski will become a mother for the first time

Emily Ratajkowski, 29, and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard will soon become parents. The model announced the pregnancy on Instagram. She appeared on the digital cover of American Vogue and showed off a rounded belly.

The expectant mother and her lover decided not to disclose the gender of the child yet:

When my spouse and I tell friends about my pregnancy, their first question following congratulations goes something like this: “Who are you dreaming of?” We would like to answer it in such a way that we will not know the gender until our child is eighteen years old: he will answer himself.

Emily shared her thoughts on motherhood.

I will cherish this video for the rest of my days. All this was filmed and written by me. Made in our home.

The star noted that the future baby has already taught her a lot.

Now I’m not trying to imagine a pink or blue blanket in my arms. I resigned myself and accepted the fact that I can hardly control anything. I am absolutely and undeniably helpless in everything related to pregnancy: how my body will change, who will my baby become. But my soul is amazingly light. Despite the anxiety, I experience this world in a new way. And I’m already learning from someone who develops inside my body. It’s amazing, she admitted.

Ratajkowski and Beer-McClard have been together for about two years. They got married on February 23, 2018, their romance by that time had lasted only a few weeks. A year later, the couple got a dog named Colombo.

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