Elon Musk’s beloved Grimes shares a rare photo of their son X Æ A-XII

In May, singer Grimes and her beloved Elon Max became parents for the first time. Users have long discussed the name that the star parents gave to their baby – X Æ A-XII, but it turned out that in life, they call their son X.

Grimes recently shared a rare shot of her six-month-old baby. The child’s face is not visible in the photo, but it is clear that the baby is already attracted by the space theme at the suggestion of the parents: in the photo, X in pyjamas with stars is examining a book about space.

Earlier, Grimes said that her child already has a preference for music and cinema. “I watched the film Apocalypse Now with my son. He is fond of radical art, “– said the singer in an interview with the New York Times.

Noticing that Baby X falls asleep to certain sounds, Grimes recorded several of her lullabies and presented them to users.

“I have created an adaptive sound environment for babies and adults to sleep. The sound changes depending on the time of day and other conditions, constantly creating new music for you … I thought it would be great if the little ones could listen to live performances through a computer and the music would help them to fall asleep day or night,” noted Grimes in the microblog.

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