Elon Musk will soon present a device that allows to connect the human brain to a computer

The famous inventor, philanthropist, and billionaire Elon Musk are going to surprise humanity again. This time the businessman intends to present the interface of Neuralink production, which will allow connecting the human brain with the computer directly. The device is almost ready Musk reported on the social network Twitter.

Despite the lack of any details on the part of the businessman-inventor, the Internet has already leaked information about the future product of the company Neuralink. The prototype should consist of a tiny chip and micro-wires, which will obviously be surgically implanted into the brain. In the future, this implant will serve as an interface that allows connecting to various digital devices.

According to Elon Musk, the main goal of Neuralink is the expansion of human capabilities. The billionaire has repeatedly stated that he fears the rapid development of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. Such skepticism, he explained the ability to process huge amounts of information and directly interact with computer technology. This will pose a serious threat to the “underdeveloped” person.

To even the odds for people, Musk founded Neuralink, which is developing an interface that extends our abilities. Moreover, the above device is only the basis for subsequent improvements. In fact, we are talking about the symbiosis of man and digital technology. The billionaire is sure that the only way we can curb artificial intelligence. Otherwise, people will become “Pets”, because their level of development will not be able to compete with the capabilities of AI.

A few decades ago, such arguments could seem absolute fantasy. However, more and more scientists and experts from the world of computer technology believe that companies like Neuralink will allow humanity to make an evolutionary leap, bringing us to a completely different level of development. Although Elon Musk did not name specific dates, insiders report that the prototype of the interface will be presented in the coming months.

Author: Flyn Braun
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