Elon Musk spoke about an intimate relationship with Bill Gates

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has once again stirred the imagination of his fans. Suddenly, the entrepreneur said that there was no romance between him and Bill Gates, but, it seems, on the contrary, generated a wave of rumors and fantasies of subscribers.

“The rumors that Bill Gates and I are lovers are absolute lies,” the inventor wrote on his Twitter.

However, until Musk published this statement, no one would have thought that the billionaire geniuses were connected by something more than controversies on social networks.

Elon’s bizarre tweet stems from a recent interview with Gates, in which the latter stated that Musk is a good guy and makes great electric cars, but he doesn’t understand vaccines at all.

Musk could not miss the outrageous words of a colleague and ironically reacted to them on his Twitter account, remaking the famous song by Michael Jackson:

“Billy G. is not my lover,” Musk joked the day before the provocative statement.

It is known that Elon Musk and Bill Gates have long been battling opinions about the coronavirus. Unlike the pro-vaccine creator of Windows, Musk sees COVID-19 as stupidity and self-isolation as a waste of time.