Elon Musk shared a new photo with his two-month-old Son

In early May, 49-year-old Elon Musk and his 32-year-old lover Grimes had a son who immediately attracted the attention of the whole world because of his unusual name. At first, the star parents named the boy X Æ A-12, and later changed his name slightly to X X A-Xii, because the laws of the state of California required it.

SpaceX and Tesla CEO posted on his Twitter a new photo with his youngest son. In the picture, Elon holds a two-month-old baby in his arms and looks into his eyes with tenderness.

The child does not yet know how to use a spoon, – Musk wrote under the picture.

It is noteworthy that Elon signed the frame in German. Many Twitter users have suggested that the entrepreneur wanted to showcase his German skills because he recently announced plans to open the first Tesla plant in Europe, and it will be located in Berlin.