Elon Musk shared a family photo with Grimes and their son

Elon Musk previously wrote in his personal microblog that he would found the city of Starbase, which will be used as a spaceport for launching rockets to Mars.

The spot is located in Texas, where Elon went with his beloved Grimes and his 10-month-old son. The family photo looks quite ordinary: Musk in sunglasses is holding the heir while he curiously touches a bouquet of fresh flowers. Nearby sits Grimes, wearing sunglasses and loose hair, watching his son.

Recall that the odious couple named their heir X Æ A-12, and this combination of symbols is transcribed as “Ex Ash Hey-Twelve”. Realizing the public’s curiosity, Musk and Grimes decided to clarify the understanding of the name of their common son. It turned out that the abbreviation stands for the following: “X” is an “unknown variable”, “Æ” is the elvish spelling of the word “love” and/or “artificial intelligence”, “A-12” is the predecessor of the SR-17 aircraft and the first letter of the word Archangel, Grimes’ favourite song.

By the way, Grimes takes an unusual approach to raise his son. In October last year, the singer admitted to The New York Times that their heir was “a big fan of radical art.” “I watched Apocalypse Now with my child,” she said. – He (the son) is fond of radical art. You can interact with him at this level (of cinema), ” the singer said.

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