Elon Musk promises to show in a few days a new version of the Neuralink robot for chipping people

The head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk announced the presentation of Neuralink, which will take place the day after tomorrow, August 28.

On this day, a new version of a neurosurgical robot is to be shown, with the help of which people will be microchipped. Recall that he will implant thread-like electrodes deep into the human brain, which are connected to the receiver capsule behind the patient’s ear. As a result, the device will transmit brain signals to the computer.

Such chips will help restore lost vision, hearing and speech, and are also intended for paralyzed people. “I don’t want to overwhelm, but the potential is truly transformative for the restoration of brain and motor functions,” Elon Musk wrote earlier.

The technology has already been tested on monkeys, and at the end of this year should begin testing on humans.

It is not clear what exactly will be shown at the presentation, but Elon Musk promises a new version of the robot, which is still far from ideal. The presentation will kick off on August 28 YouTube, but we’ll have it at 1:00 AM on August 29.