Elon Musk has learned how to insult in Russian

Elon Musk called “annoying idiot” Robert Reich-the the former US Secretary of labor, who worked in various positions in the administrations of Ford, Carter, and Clinton.

This is how the Tesla founder reacted to criticism from the economist: Reich believed that Musk, for his interests, puts people’s lives at risk during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Reich wrote the post amid Musk’s conflict with authorities in Alameda County, where the Tesla plant is located. In California, businesses that closed due to the spread of Covid-19 were allowed to resume operations. At the same time, the state authorities clarified that local governments could extend the bans.

In Alameda County, restrictions are in effect until the end of May. Local authorities said that Tesla does not fall under the criteria allowing the company to resume operations.

In response, Musk threatened to move the company’s headquarters to another state. The head of Tesla called the decision of the authorities unconstitutional and contrary to common sense, and also announced that the company would file a lawsuit against the district. Also, the head of Tesla noted that the sanitary doctor, on whose opinion the decision of Alameda is based, “no one chose.”

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