Elon Musk believes that the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens

Last weekend, Elon Musk suggested that the three famous Egyptian pyramids were in fact built by aliens, and clarified that one of the pharaohs could be an alien himself.

He wrote on Twitter:

Elon also left several links to Wikipedia and BBC articles that deal with this topic.

The Minister of Tourism of Egypt, Rania Al-Mashat, and the famous historian of Ancient Egypt, Zahi Hawass, drew attention to the post of Musk, who tried to convince Elon that aliens had nothing to do with the great Egyptian creations.

Al-Mashat invited Musk to visit the sights and see the real tombs of the people who built them, hinting that they were not aliens. And Hawass recorded a video in which he criticized Musk’s idea.

The pyramids were built by the Egyptians, and I will quickly prove it to you,

– said Zahi and added that he found the tombs of the pyramid builders, “which clearly show that the builders of the pyramids are Egyptians, and they were not slaves, this was the largest project of the entire nation.”