Elliot Page got in touch with fans after announcing he was trans

In early December, 33-year-old Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, declared himself a transgender man. Then he made a public statement on Twitter: Page admitted that for many years he tried to reveal his true self, and also talked about the discrimination faced by trans people.

After that, Elliot, known for the title role in the movie “Juno”, changed his nickname on social networks and did not contact his fans for several weeks. Just a few hours ago, the actor finally made himself felt. He posted a new selfie, in the signature to which he thanked all fans for their support.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your love and support is the greatest gift. Take care of yourself. Be close to loved ones. If possible, support transgender communities. See you in 2021! Kisses, Elliot, – Page turned to his followers, who number 4.3 million.

Recall that in 2014, Elliot Page, who at that time was still called Ellen, came out as a lesbian. Since 2018, the actor has been officially married to dancer Emma Portner.

In a recent statement, Elliot admitted that he is happy to be trans. Page is ready to provide all kinds of support and assistance to people who also do not identify with their gender.

I like that I am a transgender person, I like that I am queer. The more I accept myself as I am, the more I dream, the more my heart is filled. To all transgender people who face harassment, self-loathing, violence and the threat of violence every day, I want to say that I see you, I love you and I will do my best to change this world for the better, – said Elliot.

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