Electric car with solar panels Lightyear One drove 710 km on a single charge

The Lightyear One electric car drove 710 km on a single charge with a 60 kWh battery.

The Netherlands-based development company Lightyear shared the results of a ride on the test track: the Lightyear One prototype drove 709.7 km on battery and solar panels, at a speed of 85 km/h with a 60 kWh battery.

From the outset, the startup promised that its development would have a voluminous range of approximately 725 km on a single battery charge: the latest Lightyear prototype is just a few kilometers from reaching the promised milestone.

After four years of hard work and development, this is a very important engineering and technological achievement. It confirms the performance of our patented technology and shows that we can deliver on our promise to build the most efficient EV ever. The range of this prototype is 710 km with an energy consumption of only 85 W*h/km at a speed of 85 km/h. Even the most efficient modern electric vehicles on the market use about 50% more energy at such a relatively low speed.

Lex Hefslot, CEO and Founder of Lightyear

Overall, the prototype drove a little less than nine hours, although the entire test took about ten hours as the drivers were replaced every two hours.

The launch of series production of the five-seat Lightyear One sedan is slated for the first half of 2022. The company plans to enter the mass market in 2024.

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