Electric Airbus with 40 seats will be able to lift 5 tons of cargo and fly long distances

The Kelekona startup has presented a project of an electric airbus Lilium, capable of flying 531 km in an hour, as well as transporting 40 passengers and one pilot. This is stated on the company’s website.

The design of the airframe is noteworthy: it will be lifted by vertical takeoff using four rows of large channel propellers arranged in twos and equipped with variable pitch blades. These propeller blocks will tilt forward to drive the airbus forward.

But unlike most eVTOLs with large and wide fenders, the Kelekona will drive the Airbus through its shape. Lilium has a massive, flat and wide teardrop-shaped “body” on the sides. The front is rounded and the back is pointed. The bottom of the body looks rather flat, and the top is slightly convex so that this “blot” can take off.

There is a separate issue of charging huge and powerful batteries that will be required to travel long distances. Kelekona plans to turn the entire lower floor of the Airbus into a battery to support slow charging.

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