Egypt called Haftar’s actions a response to Turkish aggression

The decision of the head of the Libyan national army (LNA), Marshal Khalifa Haftar, to withdraw from the 2015 agreement on a political settlement in the country was a response to Turkey’s actions in Libya, an Egyptian MP, Deputy head of the Committee on Arab Affairs in the country’s Parliament, Ahmed Abaza, said.

Haftar, on Monday, announced his withdrawal from the political agreement that resulted in the formation of the Tripoli-based Government of national accord (GNA). Haftar said that the government of the country is being transferred to the army.

The creation of the GNA became possible after the signing of the so-called Orphan agreements in 2015, following the results of inter-Libyan negotiations in the Moroccan city of Skhirat. The document was supposed to lay the foundations for a political settlement in the country. Still, these decisions were never implemented, despite the efforts of external sponsors (Tunisia, Italy, Algeria) and UN individual representatives.

“If the Skhirat agreement is an international agreement overseen by international and regional parties, where were these parties when (it should have been – ed.) to resist the Turkish aggression in Libya? The latest statement by Khalifa Haftar was a response to these violations and clear aggression,” the Egyptian parliamentarian commented on the situation.

Abaza also pointed out that the situation in Libya is significant for ensuring the national security of Egypt, which dictates the position of Cairo with what is happening. “Libya is a continuation (of a zone that is significant) for the national security of Egypt. Egypt protects its national security from any external interference. In Libya, there is a struggle of interests, the struggle of regional and international parties,” he explained. “This leads to the position of Egypt not as one of the warring parties pursuing interests in Libya, but as a party that initially rejects external interference and seeks to restore the Libyan state,” the MP said.

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