Eddie Redmayne confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 filming started in London

In recent months, fans have worried about the fate of the third part of “Fantastic Beasts” more than usual: due to the conflict that arose against the backdrop of statements by J.K. Rowling, it seemed that the author and Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander) could not work together. But, fortunately, this situation was left behind, and the day before the actor finally confirmed that the filming had resumed.

Redmayne announced good news for fans of the franchise during an interview with Cinema Blend. He admitted that work on “Fantastic Beasts 3” began in London two weeks ago, and stressed that the actors and crew obey strict rules to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

This is a completely new norm. All are wearing masks. And I wondered if masks would influence our creativity, shared Eddie’s thoughts.

The actor said that he constantly thought about whether the masks would become an obstacle to the interaction between the actors, whether they would extinguish the incipient sparks, but, fortunately, his fears did not come true.

Everything is still going fantastic and everyone is doing top-notch, Redmayne said.

Of course, given how huge the gap between filming turned out, certain difficulties should have arisen on the set, but Eddie’s words are very encouraging.

Redmayne’s mood should also reassure fans who literally don’t know what to expect after the second installment of the franchise turned out to be so disappointing. Now, it seems, everything has returned to normal, and if a new force majeure does not happen, then a meeting with your favorite heroes of the Wizarding World will take place in November 2021.

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