Ed Sheeran compares himself to Elton John when talking about Addictions

Ed Sheeran, 28, was interviewed by Hay House, a publishing house founded by famed writer and psychologist Louise Hay. In it, the young musician spoke about the problems with a sense of proportion and self-control, which led him to several addictions.

Ed Sheeran compared himself to Elton John, talking about addictions: “I drink two bottles at once”
Sheeran, like many celebrities now, supports the idea that problems of this nature should be discussed. Ed recalled the period when he was on tour for a long time in 2015.

‘For me, it all boiled down to poor nutrition, drunkenness and the fact that I had not seen the sun for months. Oh, and I haven’t exercised. I could stay awake and drink all night long. Then he could sleep off on the bus, wake up, play a concert, then drink again and go to the bus. It’s all fun at first. And then it gets sad. I think this is the lowest I’ve slipped to,’ – the musician shared.

Ed says this is because he is very addicted.

I am now reading a book about Elton John, it describes a lot of what he did, and I had the same. For example, he gorged himself on ice cream and desserts to the point of nausea – I did that too. Or his martini binges when he was figuring out how much he could drink – and that’s what I did.

The artist noted that his sense of proportion is lame, especially concerning drinking and food.

‘It is very difficult to control yourself with addiction tendencies, but this is the only way out. I do not know half measures – my body is all in tattoos. And if I drink, then I don’t see the point in a glass of wine – I drink two bottles at once. And I ordered myself two meals and ate them at a time. And then you start to get fat and hate the way you look. Sugar, sweets, junk food, cocaine, alcohol – this makes you cool, but this is the worst thing you can do with yourself. In short, the way out is self-control. Workout and exercise are great for this. You feel better, you look better. And if you look better, you don’t hate yourself so much,’ – said the singer.

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