EBU will continue to sell tickets for the Eurovision song contest, despite the coronavirus

GENEVA -The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) continues to prepare for the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam without changes, despite the announcement of a new coronavirus pandemic, the start of the third wave of ticket sales is scheduled for March 26, said Free News representative of the EBU press service Dave Goodman.

“This ticket sale is still planned at the moment,” he said.

Goodman stressed that the EBU continues to monitor closely the situation related to the spread of the coronavirus, and takes all necessary measures to protect health and safety following the guidelines of WHO and national authorities. The organization is also discussing various possible scenarios for the contest together with the leading TV broadcasters of Eurovision 2020-NPO, NOS and AVROTROS. However, it is currently too early to comment on which of these scenarios will be used, “as they depend on developments in the coming months.”

Eurovision 2020 is scheduled to take place on May 12-16 in Rotterdam. The Netherlands won the right to host Eurovision after winning the artist Duncan Lawrence last year.

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