Dwayne Johnson touched home photos with his daughters

Hollywood actor and producer Dwayne Johnson has posted a series of touching family shots on his social media. In the photos, the celebrity is having fun with one of his daughters.

So, the actor shared two publications. In the first photo, they are watching The Lion King with their daughter, and, according to the actor, this is not the first attempt to enjoy the famous film.

“For two months, Christmas has been carefully planned, and this little independent boss only opens one gift and decides to open the rest later, but first we watch The Lion King … for the 987th time,” the actor writes.

In the second photo, Johnson is already busy playing with dolls with his daughter. There are dozens of gift-wrapped boxes in the background, and in the front are mountains of scattered toys. The actor, sitting on the couch, holds a Barbie doll in his hands, and his daughter is playing next to him on the floor. In the caption, Johnson explains exactly what is happening in the photo.

“After Christmas. “Dad, let’s play Barbie with me,” which means … Dad holds the Barbie for 45 minutes while little Tia does whatever he wants and completely ignores this Barbie, ” says the celebrity.

The publications appeared a week after Johnson appeared as Santa Claus in the next episode of the web series Good News by John Krasinski and called himself Dwant Claus.

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