Durov announced the launch of a new feature in Telegram

A new feature that allows you to add comments appeared in the Telegram messenger, its founder Pavel Durov said in his channel.

“Today we are adding a built-in comment function in channels. After updating Telegram, you will be able to leave comments in some channels, including this one,” Durov wrote.

He explained that the comments would be similar to a group chat; they will be attached to a specific channel. According to Durov, voice messages or GIF images will be available in the comments. Channel administrators will be able to impose the necessary restrictions, the Telegram founder said.

Earlier, Telegram developers reported testing this new feature. It was reported that it could be used in channels where there is a link to the chat with the “Discuss” button. To leave a comment, you must become a participant in the corresponding discussion. Users can edit posts, and channel administrators can respond to them anonymously.

Telegram is a free messenger for smartphones and other devices that exchange text messages and media files in various formats. The project was created by Pavel Durov, the founder of the social network Vkontakte.