Dua Lipa complained about the women’s role in music

Dua Lipa’s career skyrocketed in 2015 when she signed with Warner Bros. Records and released the first single. The girl gained such popularity that the next year a documentary was shot about her. The 25-year-old star has twice held the Grammy statuette in her hands and has been nominated for the award as many as 8 times.

However, even now, when the singer has firmly established her position on the musical Olympus, she admits that it is more difficult for her as a woman to make her way to success. There are strange stereotypes in society that a girl cannot have talent.

“About a woman artist, especially in the pop genre, people immediately think that she is fabricated … No one believes that you yourself write these songs,” Lipa said.

She elaborated on the situations she faced in the music industry in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

“We meet a lot more criticism in terms of what we wear, what we do, what the performance looks like, how we dance, how we sing if we sing,” Dua said about the attitude of people towards girls.

She also mentioned the pressure that she experiences because of her gender. However, the artist never gave in to difficulties. On the contrary, during the pandemic, she decided to stage an online concert, which eventually attracted 5 million viewers.

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