Drug manufacturers have filed lawsuits against the Trump administration

Pharmaceutical companies intend to challenge the new rules for determining prices for a number of medicines.

Organizations representing the pharmaceutical industry have filed lawsuits against the Trump administration, demanding that the new rules for setting drug prices be declared illegal. The lawsuits were filed by PhRMA, an organization that unites pharmaceutical businesses, and an Alliance of biotech companies, including the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO).

The lawsuits were a new rule for determining payments for 50 medicines under the Federal Medicare health insurance program. The rule comes into force on January 1: medicines will be paid for at the lowest prices at which similar drugs are sold in certain industrialized countries.

President Donald Trump signed the corresponding decree. The Trump administration said it would save taxpayers and patients $ 85 billion over seven years.

The plaintiffs claim that these changes were not introduced as part of the traditional process, are illegal, and lead to some medical institutions’ bankruptcy, including cancer centers.

The White House has not yet commented on the claims.

Previous attempts by the White House to stop the rise in drug prices have not led to noticeable results due to a series of defeats in the courts.

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