Drought and mass famine caused the collapse of ancient Greece

Scientists have named a new reason for the collapse of many ancient states, including Ancient Greece: a 300-year drought. The research results are published in the journal PLOS ONE.

About 3,200 years ago, several advanced civilizations of the ancient world collapsed almost simultaneously. Scientists call this event “the collapse of the Bronze Age”, and, presumably, the decline of the once powerful civilizations that existed in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Levant was due to a full-scale drought.

A study of sediment from the bottom of the salt lake of Larnaca in Cyprus showed that around 1450 BC. e. the decrease in the volume of plankton and algae began, and after another century the reservoir lost its connection with the sea. The researchers concluded that this indicates a significant shortage of rainwater.

Moreover, the study of sedimentary deposits helped to find out that by 1200 BC. e. (just at the time of the “collapse of the Bronze Age”) farming in this area completely ceased.

There was a period when agriculture in this region completely ceased due to a drought that lasted for about 300 years. It was she who caused the decline of Ancient Greece and other civilizations.

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The climate change has caused crop failures and famine, which has accelerated the pace of the socio-economic crisis and forced people to migrate to other regions. Given that the drought began hundreds of years before the “collapse of the Bronze Age,” many people at the time probably simply did not realize that the climate had changed so dramatically until it was too late, scientists conclude.

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