Drones taught how to use radio waves to charge sensors during flight

Drones have taught how to use radio waves to charge sensors even during flight. The new system was introduced by researchers from the American University of Beirut.

Sensors in drones play an important role in collecting data, but their charging, especially during flight, is technically impossible. The new system is designed to facilitate the charging process due to radio waves. A specialized antenna on the sensor collects the signals and converts them into electricity.

Researchers decided to come up with a device that allows charging sensors from a distance. In addition, the drone can optimize the trajectory to increase the energy transfer to the sensors. A team of scientists notes that this technology will effectively charge sensors in areas where devices must perform their tasks for long periods in hard-to-reach areas.

In this system, the drone transmits radio waves individually to each sensor. They have an antenna for detecting and receiving signals, which are then converted into electricity. The received energy can be used both to activate the sensor and to charge it.

During system tests, drones were able to activate sensors from a distance of 27.5 m. With lower antenna sensitivity, devices need a distance of 1.2 m.

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