Drones deliver coronavirus samples and medical masks in UK

UK authorities have begun testing delivery drones. They will move coronavirus tests and medical masks between hospitals in the country.

National Health Service (NHS) drones have begun using drones to deliver coronavirus samples, blood tests and personal protective equipment between hospitals in England. In the future, the authorities want to create a network of aerial corridors for unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be controlled using GPS.

Remote-controlled drones are piloted by former military instructors in fast jet aircraft or helicopters. The devices will first be tested between hospitals in Brumfield and two hospitals in Basildon.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many challenges in the NHS supply chain. We are confident that by building a medical drone delivery service, we will be able to deliver samples to laboratories more regularly, reliably and quickly, which will help improve patient health.”

NHS press service

The drone is designed to fly 90 meters above the ground and withstand harsh weather conditions. The authorities note that this is another step to adapt to work in the era of coronavirus, they believe that the changes should primarily affect the medical field.

At the same time, Solent Transport, the University of Southampton and Windracers launched a project to deliver medical supplies to St. Mary’s Island Hospital using an unmanned aerial vehicle. They run one test a day.

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