Drone maker DJI is blacklisted by the US

The Donald Trump administration, ahead of the farewell and inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden, made a final “gift” to Chinese companies by adding to the blacklist.

Sanctions have been imposed on dozens of companies, including the drone market leader DJI. The US Department of Commerce said the manufacturer was on the list “for participating in widespread human rights abuses in China through malicious collection and analysis of genetic data or high-tech surveillance.”

The sanctions imply a ban on the export of their technologies and products to American companies and the use of American technologies in their production. In general, as is the case with Huawei. The only exceptions are cases when products are needed to analyze, detect, and treat infectious diseases, but there is no specificity in this matter.

DJI officials reacted to the sanctions and said: “DJI is disappointed with the US Department of Commerce’s decision. Customers in America can continue to buy and use DJI’s products. Normal mode. We remain committed to developing the most innovative products in the industry that define our company and bring value to the world.”

How exactly the sale will occur “in the usual mode” – the company did not specify.

Besides, the leading manufacturer of microcircuits, SMIC, was included in the “blacklist.” There are 77 companies in it, 60 of which are Chinese.

By the way, the US government has repeatedly stated that Chinese-made drones pose a threat to national security, and DJI has repeatedly stressed that all these accusations are unfounded.

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